Colorful desk items on a small business owner's desk.

Data analytics for small business is an oxymoron, right? It’s something that only the Big Guys have the time and money to pay attention to, you say?

Not so much!

Knowing your data, understanding the patterns and trends in your customer and sales and product numbers, is something that businesses of all sizes need to pay attention to. Not only will it help your bottom line, you’ll be confident that you’re not flying blind.

On Episode 9 of the Content Ca$h Machine podcast, I talked with Danielle Gagnon, SEO and digital marketing entrepreneur, about why data is so important for a business. We talk about all the data you’ve actually got for your business, whether you have to be a “Rainmain”-type numbers genius to make sense of your data, and lots more. [Spoiler alert: you’ve got more than you think, and no you don’t!]

Give a listen and drop a note in the comments below sharing how you’re using your data to grow your business.

Listen to Episode 9 of the Content Ca$h Machine, with Danielle Gagnon and Julie Alig, Ph.D.

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