Demystifying Turnover And Retention

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The Power Of Analytics For Business

Businesses don’t need more data. They’re practically swimming in data. But most businesses haven’t figured out what to do with all that data.

Enter analytics for business.

Bringing Clarity To Chaos

The JLA Analytics team has the skills to find the stories hidden in your data,

and we have the knowledge and experience to explain why you should care.

Sales Funnel


HR Data


Sales Funnel Triage

Frustrated with your sales figures? Tired of missed forecasts? We walk through your funnel and figure out how to plug the leaks.

HR Analytics and DE&I

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and engaged employees boost a company’s bottom line. What are your numbers saying about how engaged and included your employees feel?

Customer Journey

What are the key moments that determine whether a customer purchases or not? And how do you keep them coming back? We find those critical factors so you can optimize your strategy.

Product Mix

20% of your products are producing 80% of your revenue. Do you know which ones they are?

Pricing Strategy

You want to maximize your revenue, but not at the expense of driving away customers or forfeiting market share. How should you set your prices? We can build scenarios for you to choose from that fit with your goals.


Relying on your instincts will only get you so far. We create, field, and analyze methodologically-sound surveys to get you the information you need to make decisions.


How To Solve The Top 3 Problems Facing HR Today Using Data

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What Clients Say About Us

When I had to come up with a modified menu to re-open [after the COVID-19 shutdown], I knew exactly what items to choose because of Julie’s analysis. I feel much more secure in the decisions I make while operating my business with Julie’s analysis in hand.

Alex HortonOwner, Cafe La Reine

We worked with Julie on a project to better understand our customer journey. Julie got an understanding of our business and client experience then took our data and made sense of it. From the information Julie was able to provide we were able to make business decisions about marketing spend as well as when to hire. Highly recommend!

Alison MiliotoOwner, Blue Lion HR Consulting

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