The Power Of Analytics For Business:

“When I had to come up with a modified menu to re-open, I knew exactly what items to choose because of Julie’s analysis. I feel much more secure in the decisions I make while operating my business, Cafe la Reine, with Julie’s analysis in hand.”

Alex Horton, Owner, Cafe la Reine, Manchester, NH

Analytics For Business

Businesses don’t need more data. They’re practically swimming in data! What they need is help figuring out what to do with all that data.

That’s where analytics for business comes in.

Bringing Clarity To Chaos

At JLA Analytics, we have the skills and experience to make sense of your data, no matter what kind it is: sales data, customer data, marketing data, employee data, social media data and more.

Grow Your Business and Boost Your Revenue

Use analytics for your business to grow your revenue and hit your goals.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how to make your business thrive.

Ways to Work With Us

Ways to Work With Us

VIP DAY: Book a block of time for an intensive working session to get to the root of your challenges. Done-for-you, done-with-you, and bookend options available.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING: Your team is already great at what they do — think of how stellar they’ll be with another tool in their toolbox! We’ll design a training curriculum offer training on all aspects of analyzing and visualizing data No special software needed.

90-MINUTE STRATEGY CALL: Do you need to partner with a Data Guru to work through a question or challenge? Book a call to get focused, expert-level strategies and support to clear the hurdles facing your business.

DATA AUDIT: We’ll review the data you have (and maybe find some sources you didn’t realize you had!), check for trends and patterns, and deliver a diagnostic evaluation of metrics to keep an eye on.

WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGES: Are you getting the ROI you expect from your online presence? We offer several packages to determine what’s working, what’s not, and monitor over 3, 4 or 6 months to make sure you’re getting the results you planned for.

SURVEYS: When is the last time you really listened to what your customers are saying? Feedback from customers can often be the key to uncovering problems or to developing new products or services to offer. We can design, field, and analyze surveys to get you the insights you need.

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Industries We Serve

BUSINESSES: From small to larger, from manufacturing to tech to service-based, we have strategies to leverage your data so it can be your competitive edge.

NEW!! HR ANALYTICS: Now more than ever, CHROs and HR practitioners need to know and understand their data, so they can make informed decisions and navigate the current COVID-19 crisis.

HIGHER EDUCATION: The challenges facing today’s higher ed institutions demand solutions that are anything but one-size-fits-all. With our deep experience in higher education, we can customize a solution that fits your specific institution.

FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY: We’ve assembled a checklist of how restaurants and other food service businesses can use data during the COVID-19 crisis to retain customers, create viable menus, and others.

ORGANIZATIONS AND NON-PROFITS: What’s on the minds of your customers? Or how about the customers you lost? What about your employees? We can tailor a survey to find the answers; administer it; analyze the results; and report them back to you highlighting the most critical insights we find.

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Dr. Julie Alig worked closely with me on a recent NECHE review for a major research university.  I was very impressed by her depth of understanding and expertise, in addition to her diligence and thoroughness. She was a great colleague with whom to work – always prepared to listen to and assist other members of the team.

Julie was thorough, well-prepared and engaged.  She approached the task with a balanced and well-informed perspective, carefully attending to the client’s needs. In team work, Julie patiently helped others consider facts and inferences, leading the team to consensus. Her skills in listening and delivering feedback was extraordinarily respectful and useful in guiding critical decisions moving forward. Her integrity, dedication, and commitment to the work was crystal clear.

Professor Barbara Prudhomme White, University of New Hampshire