Right now, we’re all struggling. Our families, ourselves, our jobs, our businesses….this coronavirus pandemic caught us all off-guard.

One way to navigate through the uncertainty is to use your data as a guide. I’m offering a free, 30-minute consultation to businesses and organizations that want to use their data as a tool to figure out how to proceed in these uncertain times. We can talk through what questions are top of mind, and how to answer them using the data you already have. (Hint: You’ve got more than you think!)

  • Tell me about your marketing strategy. We can review your metrics, create some new ones, and sketch out a plan of action for optimally deploying your limited resources.
  • We can dig down into your customers to see how each of your segments is behaving right now, and how you could incentivize them to remain a steady customer.
  • Maybe you’re in the middle of a pivot. What does that look like? How can we create some metrics to determine whether or not that’s working?

Choose a time slot from my calendar below.

I’m looking forward to talking to you!


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