Reclaim Your Time And
Make Stronger Decisions For Your Business…Based On Data

Put Your Numbers To Work For You!

You’re Ready To Uplevel Your Business, Increase Your Profits, And Build Sustainably For the Long Term

What if you could:

Have more confidence in the decisions you make (instead of feeling like you’re flying by the seat of your pants)?
Understand what’s actually driving your business, so that you can make decisions to support those and plan ahead?
Expand your business by securing more funding?
See your profit and revenue steadily increase?

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your business is successful, but it’s coming at a cost…

Your profits and revenues aren’t predictable, which leaves you stressed and worried
You spend a lot of time trying to figure out answers, but you’re never able to and end up farther behind than when you started
Watching YouTube and Googling questions has only left you more confused because you’re never able to get answers to your specific questions
You miss out on funding opportunities because you don’t have the analysis that banks or investors are expecting

A Guide By Your Side

One-To-One Targeted Analytics Coaching is my high-touch offer for women business owners committed to crushing profit goals in their business, making a bigger impact than ever, and building their future.

We’ll zero in on the unique questions that you need to answer for your business. And you’ll learn the analytics techniques that will get you those answers.

What we won’t do is spend time on topics that might be nice to know but that won’t have an impact right now.

Choose From 1-Month, 3-Month or 6-Month Packages

All Packages Include:

  • Weekly content on the questions that you need to answer in your business
  • Weekly Zoom calls to review hands-on exercises and answer questions
  • Recorded videos and private podcast feed
  • Secure online course platform
  • Hands-on activities each week customized to the week’s content
  • Feedback within 3 business days
  • Curated list of additional resources for each module
  • Concrete Deliverables In-Hand By The End Of Our Time Together

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