KEEPING YOUR MEMBERS: Having members or donors come and go is normal, but are you losing more than you’re gaining? We can dig into the reasons why, and suggest data-based strategies to retain the ones you have and win back the ones you’ve lost.

OUTCOMES TRACKING AND MEASUREMENT: Donors and members today aren’t interested in simply providing support. They want to see how their support has had an impact. Together we’ll devise a plan to identify outcomes; to identify ways to measure those outcomes; and then start tracking and analyzing them.

DATA DIAGNOSTIC: At its core, your data is a valuable asset, and can be a powerful competitive advantage when used strategically. We’ll perform a quality audit on your data and let you know to what extent it’s fit for use. If it isn’t, we’ll help you get it in fighting form so that you can start using it to your competitive advantage.

MARKETING STRATEGY: If you haven’t already, we can help you define and understand your key audiences, and from there determine which marketing strategies work best for each. We’ll partner with you to implement, and to measure progress along the way.

MEMBER SURVEYS: What are the top-of-mind issues among your members? We’ll partner with you to design a survey to find out. Then we’ll field it, analyze the results, and present the important findings to you, in a language you’ll understand.

TRAINING WORKSHOPS AND WEBINARS: We love talking data, whether in a day-long workshop or a shorter “lunch and learn” session. Popular topics include:

  • People Analytics
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Data Literacy for Leaders
  • Storytelling Through Data Visualization
  • Statistics For the Rest of Us
  • Dashboards for Success
  • KPIs That Make Sense
  • Forecasting Basics and Pitfalls
  • Google Analytics