MARKET ANALYSIS: Your enrollment marketing strategy needs to be laser-focused if you want to find the students who are most likely to enroll and succeed at your institution. Using our market analysis capacities, we’ll provide guidance on just where you’ll find those students and how much it will cost you to enroll them.

RETAINING YOUR STUDENTS: You’re committed to the success of your students, but despite your best efforts, some are leaving. We can drill down into your data and figure out the root causes for why you’re losing the students you are — and suggest data-based strategies for not only keeping them, but winning back the ones who have already left.

ENROLLMENT PROJECTIONS: Will you hit your enrollment goals this semester? What about your current students — how confident are you that your retention rates won’t take a hit? We have the experience and the tools to help you confidently project out your enrollment the next semester, the next year, and more.

DATA DIAGNOSTIC: At its core, your data is a valuable asset, and can be a competitive advantage when used strategically. We’ll perform a quality audit on your data and let you know to what extent it’s fit for use. If it isn’t, we’ll help you get it in fighting form so that you can start using it to your competitive advantage.

INSTRUCTIONAL CAPACITY AND COSTS: With ever-tighter budgets, institutions are paying more attention to optimizing course offerings and deploying instructional faculty to fulfill their institution’s mission. We’ll analyze what this looks like on your campus, tie it into your strategic enrollment goals, and give you data-driven suggestions for mapping out your course offerings and faculty assignments going forward.

STUDENT SURVEYS: With the increasingly competitive market for students — and for keeping the ones you’ve enrolled — it’s more important than ever for you to have your finger on the pulse of your students. How satisfied are they? How likely are they to pursue pursue additional degrees with you? We can develop a bespoke survey to get you these answers, or we can administer an off-the-shelf survey.

TRAINING WORKSHOPS AND WEBINARS: We love talking data, whether in a day-long workshop or a shorter “lunch and learn” session. Popular topics include:

  • People Analytics
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Data Literacy for Leaders
  • Storytelling Through Data Visualization
  • Statistics For the Rest of Us
  • Dashboards for Success
  • KPIs That Make Sense
  • Forecasting Basics and Pitfalls
  • Google Analytics