Race in New Hampshire: The Picture at the County Level

I recently was fortunate to co-moderate a discussion on race in New Hampshire via the New Hampshire Community Conversation that I host with my partner, Tiffany Eddy. At one point a guest, Rogers Johnson, mentioned the demographic profile of blacks and other minorities in New Hampshire, namely, that apart from the fact that they represent… Read More

The NH Food Service Industry: A NH Community Conversation

Join me and my colleague Tiffany Eddy as we host a virtual town meeting this Thursday night. Our focus is on the food service industry here in NH, and our guests are Amy LaBelle, founder and owner of LaBelle Winery, and Tom Boucher, CEO of Great NH Restaurants (T-Bones – CJ’s – Copper Door). The… Read More


New Offer: Free Consultation

Right now, we’re all struggling. Our families, ourselves, our jobs, our businesses….this coronavirus pandemic caught us all off-guard. One way to navigate through the uncertainty is to use your data as a guide. I’m offering a free, 30-minute consultation to businesses and organizations that want to use their data as a tool to figure out… Read More

Fall 2019 Enrollment Estimates

The National Student Clearinghouse’s Research Center has just released the Fall 2019 estimated U.S. enrollments in postsecondary education, and for the nation as a whole, the news isn’t good. The NSC estimates that enrollment has decreased 1.3% from last year. Since the NSC began producing this analysis in 2012, enrollments have dropped each year. In… Read More

ROI for New Hampshire’s Institutions

Last month, the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce released, “A First Try at ROI,” a thorough report that aims to evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI) for a student attending any particular college in the U.S. The scope of the project is quite impressive: taking the government’s College Scorecard data, the Georgetown team… Read More

Marlboro College (VT) Closing Down, In Three (or so) Pictures

I woke up this morning to the news that another small, liberal arts-focused college in the Northeast is closing at the end of this academic year. Marlboro College (VT) will become the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College. It joins 3 other Vermont colleges that have announced closures in the… Read More

UPDATE: “Heart of Detroit” Tuition Pledge

In July we documented the impact of the “Kalamazoo Promise” program. Begun in 2006, this program covers 100% of the cost of tuition at selected colleges in Michigan for any student who graduated from the Kalamazoo public schools. Now Wayne State University has announced a similar program, the Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge. Detroit residents… Read More