I was always the kid with her nose in a book….

Julie Alig, Ph.D.

You might think that a data geek like me has a “why” that I’ve plotted out using algebraic equations and graphs…and while I could definitely sit down and solve for it that way, my “why” is much bigger than math class.

In my line of work, I meet HR practitioners from companies large and small, representing industries ranging from medical devices to professional services and everything in between. Sometimes their employee relations are humming along well, but many times they’re not.

  • They can’t seem to keep their best employees, even though they offer competitive salaries.
  • Despite their best efforts, they can’t move the needle on employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Pay equity is a perennial headache, and no one knows how to even begin addressing it.

It’s not that they haven’t tried to solve these and other problems. It’s just that nothing seems to work.

The one thing they usually haven’t tried is looking at the data about their company that they already have.

HRIS data. QuickBooks data. CRM data. TA system data.

These are literally gold mines just waiting for someone to tap into them and uncover their secrets.

That’s where I come in!

I LOVE digging into data to identify the key drivers of employee engagement….to uncover any pay equity issues …. to highlight what factors will have the largest impact on your employees’ satisfaction….basically turning data into action for you.

I’ve helped HR professionals and business owners across the United States make decisions that get the right employees in the door and keep them there, improve employee satisfaction through focused benefits analysis, and more.

My WHY is that knowing your numbers makes your employees happier, your business more profitable, and life easier.

In case you’re wondering about what training turned me into a data geek….

I earned my Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Chicago. My subfields were Quantitative Methods and Comparative Politics.

While I was a doctoral student, I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct my dissertation field research. I lived in Stuttgart, Germany for a year, where I interviewed business owners in the machine tool industry.

I earned by Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in the City of New York. I double-majored in History and French Literature.